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 Nikon CoolPix S70

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PostSubject: Nikon CoolPix S70   Nikon CoolPix S70 EmptyFri Nov 13, 2009 3:57 pm

You'd think that camera makers would have run out of clever new tricks by now. But just in time for the holidays Nikon has pulled a pair of point-and-shooters from its sleeve designed to astonish and enthrall users.

The Nikon CoolPix S70 digital camera is the first handheld outside Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch family to incorporate a multi-touch screen. Squeeze your fingers together on the S70's display, spread them apart, and see the image enlarge. Push a portion of the picture off screen, and another part reveals itself. Want to see that close-up in even more detail? Pinch and spread those fingers again. Suddenly, all the resolution possible with a multi-megapixel camera that's typically buried in the memory card can now be manipulated directly on the camera's view screen. Being able to drill into the depths of a high resolution photograph has never been more intuitive.

Nikon CoolPix S70 Coolpi10

Even beyond multi-touch, the S70's screen is hardly ordinary. Unlike the LCD (liquid crystal display) technology found on other Coolpix models, the S70 uses an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen. Placed next to one of those LCDs, the OLED model is visibly brighter. Nikon hasn't skimped on screen size either. The S70 features a wide 3.5-inch display (same as an iPod Touch) and packs 288,000 pixels into the 16:9 space.

Controlling the picture-taking process is as direct as finger pointing can be. Instead of groping for telephoto buttons on the camera body, just tap the T or W icons on the screen to frame your subject. Also, you can simply touch the screen to have the camera set the focus and exposure and automatically release the shutter.

When you're ready to review an image from thumbnails, you touch one to bring it up. If you want to manually control a slide show, just swipe your finger across the screen to the right to launch the next picture, or left to go back. And if you want the camera to run the slide show, it can do so with built-in music. (There's a speaker on the camera.)

The S70 shoots movies in five different resolutions or frame rates, the highest quality mode being 1,280 by 720 pixels at 30 frames per second. Unfortunately, you won't be able to view your 720p movies in high definition by attaching the camera to your HDTV set. That's because Nikon includes a composite video cable but doesn't build in a high-definition camera output or offer an accessory dock for use with an HDTV. A Nikon rep suggested that you could always view your clips in high-def on a computer. Also, you should be able to burn a DVD-R with your high-def video then view it on a Blu-ray Disc player compatible with the AVCHD format.

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Nikon CoolPix S70
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